Hosted Video Control Plane

Let Adara manage your video control plane evolution so that you stay ahead of competitors by delivering the latest advanced digital TV services to subscribers…when needed.

With recent and projected advances in video service delivery, the management and evolution of the video control plane is becoming increasingly complicated and costly. Adara’s hosted and managed video control plane solution enables cable operators to deliver a full range of advanced digital video services in a timely fashion to stay ahead of competitors – All without the significant CAPEX, OPEX and risk associated with deploying, maintaining and evolving a stand-alone Digital Network Control System (DNCS) or Digital Addressable Controller (DAC). This innovative approach includes powerful web-accessible utilities for STB and network diagnostics, reporting, proactive video service monitoring and MUCH more that give the operator MORE actionable visibility to their network, subscribers and services than they ever thought possible. In addition, Adara’s service specialists monitor, maintain and manage the system 24x7 to ensure that the operator’s customers receive the best possible TV experience. With the added benefit of Switched IP Video (SIPV) technology, INFINITE channel line-up capability is just an easy upgrade away -- and without another disruptive and costly rebuild, upgrade or analog reclamation using DTAs.

Adara Architecture

Adara’s hosting facility ( in downtown Toronto is home to more than 150 telecommunications companies and is one of North America’s most connected buildings with 9 unique fiber-optic networks, 25 diverse entrances, and more than 7,000 strands of fiber. Here Adara hosts the very same world class Cisco control plane technology deployed by the largest cable MSOs and TV service providers worldwide.

Benefits of Adara’s Hosted & Managed Video Control Plane Solution

  • Works in “Arris/Moto-shops”, “Cisco-shops” and any other legacy CAS, headend and STB environment
  • Reduces CAPEX or eliminates CAPEX completely via leasing and financing options
  • Lowers OPEX
  • Speeds time-to-market
  • Increases operator visibility and control compared to stand-alone DAC or DNCS options
  • Enables advanced Interactive Program Guide and overall Customer Experience
  • Keeps operator’s TV service innovations ahead of competitors’ product roadmaps
  • Simplifies operator’s TV business operations with a one-stop-shop for CPE, headend hardware, software, guide/UI, metadata, operational services, etc.
  • Delivers advanced hybrid STBs, multiscreen gateways, IPTV set-tops and TVE 3.0 multiscreen clients
  • Cost-effective, full-line-up TVE 3.0 multi-screen for in-home and on-the-go, including DVR-to-go
  • Enables easy upgrade to Switch IP Video (SIPV) for INFINITE channel line-up capability
  • Delivers real-time actionable marketing and operational reporting for MORE control
  • Powerful operational utilities include Automated STB Testing & Staging and Geo-mapping STB diagnostics
  • 24 x 7 x 365 system monitoring and management
  • Easy upgrade to Switched IP Video (SIPV) for infinite channel line-up capability