Automated STB Testing/Staging (ATS) Solution

After developing this unique solution and including it as part of Adara’s powerful suite of hosted and managed operator utilities, Adara decided to make this solution available on a stand-alone basis, as well. This advanced process automation solution fully automates the otherwise tedious process of testing and staging new and churned digital TV set-top boxes in order to quickly and efficiently deploy them to digital TV subscribers as well as significantly reduce STB-related trouble-calls and, in turn, maximize the TV subscriber customer experience.

Adara  VOD Architecture

Is this Solution for you?

Candidates for the stand-alone version of this solution include large- and mid-sized cable TV service operators utilizing large volumes of digital set-top boxes to deliver advanced video services to subscribers and desiring better cost-efficiency and/or reduced trouble-calls and/or improved subscriber customer experience.

Why now?

Many operators are experiencing an increased demand for more advanced video services and, hence, are facing larger and larger volumes of new and churned digital TV set-top boxes. In addition, these set-tops boast advanced features such as HD capability, IP/web-connectivity, multiple tuners, PVR functionality with built-in hard-drives and many other features that render the boxes more complicated to test thoroughly. Moreover, in an effort to reduce costs, many of the latest set-top box models have limited, if any, user interface display, which makes proper testing and staging even more tedious and time-consuming.

Benefits of Adara’s ATS Solution

  • Reduces digital TV service churn by improving the subscriber customer experience
  • Reduces STB-related truck rolls and trouble calls
  • Improves quality and thoroughness of testing and staging
  • Increases testing and staging speed and efficiency
  • Compliments and improves operator's current process
  • Eliminates tedious sorting of set-tops
  • Decreases operator demand on human resources
  • Increases set-top box staging throughput up to 5 times with one third the resources
  • Decreases operator demand on specialized skills for testing and staging
  • Significantly decreases operator's cost of testing and staging
  • Dramatically increases operator ROI
Solution Features:
  • Checks for proper loading of staging EMMs
  • Automatically recognizes New, RMA & Field Returns
  • Conducts operations required to stage NEW and RMA set-tops
  • Automatically re-conditions Field Return set-tops for re-deployment
  • Interfaces with operator billing system without requiring direct connection to it
  • Data logging and export capability interfaces with operator’s data warehousing
  • Requires no set-top box connection to AV monitor / TV set
  • Conducts extensive functionality and quality testing on all set-top boxes
  • Built-in, easy-to-use set-top test profile self-learning tool
  • Reports and summarizes test results
  • Interfaces with operator Inventory System